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East African Plays

New petroleum provinces are emerging in the greater East African Rift basins ("EARs"). These basins extend from the Red Sea all the way south to Mozambique and southern Africa. Most are still in their exploration infancy with Frontier exploration status. Their petroleum resources are essentially yet to be discovered. Their total Petroleum Resource Potential ("PRP") is still highly speculative.

Working petroleum systems and initial petroleum resources are however already proven in some of the EARs such as Ogaden in  Ethiopia, the Albert Rift in Uganda,the Loperot in Kenya and the Ruvuma in Tanzania. More new provinces and play fairways can be expected to join this East African "petroleum club" in the coming decade.

SFL is now mapping with confidence the hydrocarbon likelihood and PRP expectations for the EARs, ahead of their in-depth exploration.  It recognises and can display the likely extent of the discoveries being made. It observes numerous new untested features and can demarcate new target exploration focus areas as against poorly anomalous low prospectivity areas.

The proven fields of the Ogaden Basin and Albert Rift and the new Kenyan discoveries are all significant RSDD-H anomalies while key dry holes in these districts are not. The Ekales-1 discovery in Kenya (September 2013) - is a good RSDD-H anomaly example in a rather featureless surface terrain.  SFL recognised it before well results were announced, as it had similarly for the province opening Ngamia and Twiga discoveries. Such confirmation of anomalous Hydrocarbon Lead Indicator ("HLI") status in these emerging petroleum habitats provides effective calibration and de-risking of the rapidly expanding EAR prospect book arising from SFL's sole risk surveying of these EAR basins.



PRP opportunities and acreage assessments are now available throughout this vast under-explored region. They identify exploration focus areas for new ventures and within early-stage licence blocks. They can contribute specific prospect book additions  and de-risk existing prospect inventories.  They provide insightful exploration decision support towards selection of preferred initial prospects to drill and in which low risk locations.

Further EAR examples and prospectivity overivews are available in the individual Country pages.