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Dry Gulch Oilfield (Minnelusa Formation) central Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA (ca. 5million barrels)

Western Flank oilfields, Cooper - Eromanga Basin, Australia.

Brur, Heletz and Kokhav oil fields, Israel: Overall field response pattern including local depletion and remaining undrained areas.

Chiya Khere - major new Zagros Deformed Belt oilfield in Kurdistan, currently being developed by Taqa

Huron Oilfield and adjacent undrilled prospect, Llanos Deformed Belt, Colombia. Note - two nearby off anomaly dry holes.

Scotforth Products

Hydrocarbon Lead Indicator ("HLIs") Surveys and Prospectivity Assessments

Prospect and Acreage Targeted

Revised Exploration Risks and HLI-Modelled Petroleum Resource Potential

Strategic Upgrading of Conventional Prospect Inventories

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Exploration Briefs and Latest News

Global Prospect Portfolio

Scotforth have a portfolio of risked petroleum opportunities, ranging from un-drilled super-giant fields to smaller opportunities to expand on proven production, we can create wealth with you.

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Oil and Gas Exploration Surveys

Scotforth's unique Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping Surveys reduce exploration risk and increase value for our clients around the globe.

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DHM in the Powder River Basin

DHM in the Powder River Basin - New Products: Scotforth is now making available for the first time standalone DHM prospectivity reports and maps for the Powder River Basin.

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